Lillie J. mack

Lillie Pict.jpg

Lillie Mack’s journey as an artist and clothing designer began at age 5 when her mother taught her how to sew. It wasn’t long before Lillie began making clothes for herself and her sisters. There was need involved, but Mack also liked the feeling of wearing garments that were different from everyone else.

Her life changed dramatically in 2003 when the sewing factory, where she worked for 25 years, closed. Mack then joined Black Belt Designs founded in York, AL by Marilyn Gordon under the auspices of The Coleman Center for the Arts, and a great partnership and friendship was formed. She was challenged and stimulated by taking one thing and repurposing it into something totally different. The resulting product was beautiful. Mack’s garments and accessories can be sophisticated, urban, rustic or combinations thereof, but all will have in common the love of classic line.

Lillie Mack has been the recipient of several grants and awards for originality and excellence. She has exhibited in solo and group shows from York, AL to Manhattan, NY.