Tut Altman Riddick

tut foto2.JPG

 A multi-prize-winning artist, Tut began her sixty-five year art career as a painter, working mostly in oils. Because she loves to draw, she also mastered serigraphs, lithography and plaster painting. She now paints primarily in acrylics and pastels, communicating with lush, vivid colors. She founded the Coleman Center for the Arts in 1985 in York, AL, her hometown, to bring world class art to an impoverished, predominantly Black, community. This project is still going strong. Tut’s inspiration for her many portraits of African Americans comes from an empathy she has felt since childhood, bearing witness to injustice in her small Southern town. As she grew older, the community, as a whole, became a valued source of inspiration and admiration.  Tut is a prolific painter and her works are widely collected. In 2012, the Mobile Museum of Art honored her with a retrospective of her work. In 2013, she was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. In 2015, The University of West Alabama Library established a permanent gallery of her works relating to experiences and inspirations from Sumter County. And in 2017, she received the Lifetime Achievement Arty Award from the Mobile Arts Council.